Go Green With a New Solar Hot Water System

 Are you keen to use free Solar energy to heat your hot water??

Did you know?

Up to 70% of your households annual hot water requirements could be heated by the sun's rays.




Worcester's greenskies solar panels work by absorbing solar energy to provide hot water for your home, even on cloudy days - so you're making use of freely-available solar energy.

Key Facts

  • Annually, solar panels could provide 50-70 percent of your hot water supply, allowing you to turn off your boiler for most of the summer months.
  • Installation is relatively straight forward and maintenance costs are low.
  • The installation generally costs from as little as £3999+vat, depending on your property.
  • Grants of £400 are available from the Government's Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Visit http://www.est.org.uk
  • Whilst it is unlikely your boiler will need replacing, it is almost certain that a new twin coiled hot water cylinder will be required - see the Worcester website for further details. 




Greenskies Solar water heating - the Benefits

  • A recent MORI report stated that adding solar water heating to your home could raise its value by up to £10,000.
  • Solar energy is FREE!! And as the energy consumed to provide a household's hot water typically accounts for at least 60% of the total abbual bill, you'll make big savings.
  • Solar energy is clean! So Greenskies benefits the environment.
  • Worcester Greenskies Light Collecting solar panels can be installed on a sloping roof, flat roof or even on a wall.
  • Worcester Greenskies requires very little maintenance and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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